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SeaWorld Seven Seas Food Festival

We are thrilled to share that we are one of only two distilleries to be featured at the 2020 SeaWorld Sevens Seas Food Festival.  The festival is every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from February 7th – May 3rd. Starting this coming Friday!

Savor over 180 mouthwatering options – from international cuisines to domestic and imported craft beers to unique wines.

Sugar Works Distillery will have a dedicated kiosk where they will be serving up four specially chosen cocktails featuring our handcrafted spirits. So be sure to come out and support your favorite central Florida Distillery at SeaWorld and look for the Sugar Works Distillery signs.

Blue Lemon Shine

For those that love frozen drinks, we will have the Blue Lemon Shine. This is a cocktail base on our unaged corn whiskey, New Smyrna Shine with blueberry puree and lemon juice.

Bourbon Breakfast

The Bourbon Breakfast is a playful, yet bold, brunch cocktail that combines our Callalisa Creek Whiskey with maple syrup and ginger beer for a delightful cocktail.

Paid Vacation Days

Who doesn’t love a Paid Vacation? This tropical drink will make you feel like you are on vacation, made with all things tropical and our Turnbull Bay Vanilla Rum.

Spiced Rosemary Pear

The Spiced Rosemary Pear made with our Turnbull Bay Spiced Rum, will give you all of the “feel” of fall even though you are in tropical Florida.

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A quick little addition to the tasting room.

As many of you know, Mike and I are retired architects and we did a large amount of the build-out of the space ourselves. Not that we had lots of prior experience doing the actual construction, but we had an interest and an eagerness to learn more about the hands-on side of the construction industry. This includes the finish carpentry work in the tasting room. Last week, in preparation for the Grand Opening, we decided to build the shelves behind the bar. This had always been part of the plan but now the time had come to make it happen (three days before the grand opening).

As you can see the back wall was really bare and this left a lot of people wondering what we had planned. The plan was to put in some large wood slab shelves and black iron pipe supports. Because this is a rather large space we needed to scale up the size of the pipe and the wood planks. For the pipe we settled on 1-1/2″ pipe and fittings. For the wood, we decide that 2×10 rough cedar match nicely with the knotty alder used for the rest of the build-out.

Opening up the wall to add blocking

The first step of the process was to add blocking for support to the existing wall. So we started by cutting out a 1-2″ high strip from the drywall at location of both the top and bottom supports for the shelves.

Adding the blocking for support

We then added 2×12 yellow pine blocking between each stud working from left to right. Once in place this gave the wall considerable strength and rigidity.

Drywall repaired

Next step was to repair the massive holes in the drywall. Not really hard but it is time consuming. In this case we used 5/8″ firecode drywall. After a couple coats of drywall mud, a little sanding and some paint, it was good as new.

Pipe supports and cedar planks in place

Then came time to install the shelves. This was simply a matter of screwing together all of the pieces of pipe and then using lag bolts to secure the shelves to the newly reinforced wall. We ended up working on it rather late the night before the opening, but we were thrilled with how it turned out.

Finished results

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Distillery Tours & Tastings

Complementary tastings of all products

Sugar Works Distillery is a family owned craft distiller of Rum, Moonshine and Whiskey. Our products are made in small batches with locally sourced material. We utilize time honored traditions to create our specialty spirits. Free tastings and tours are available from 10:00am to 8:00pm Thursday thru Saturday and 10:00am to 6:00pm on Sunday.